Christmas Photos

Nothing makes me happier than Christmas lights, and since I am a semi-not-really-professional photographer, incorporating Christmas lights into my photos is just the best.
I bought myself an early Christmas present this year: a tripod and a remote shutter release. How have I survived without these two things??? The shutter remote is the size of my thumb and easily hidden. This is the ULTIMATE selfie tool, and the means by which I will be getting a Christmas photo of my husband and myself this year.
Also a tripod, somehow in almost ten years of photography I have never once used one. I have, on many occasions, wished and wished that I had one. $20 later here one is! So simple! I, of course, had to try these two items out the very moment the postman brought them to my door.

Here’s the results!! (And a few photos of my dogs I took last week. Aren’t they just the best looking creatures you’ve ever seen?




Photography and such

I like to consider myself an “artist” in the idea that I am a writer, photographer, and appreciator of the large amount of beauty that can be found in this world.
Here is my Facebook page with just a sample of my photography work. It’s a newer page, but I do everything from weddings to seniors to newborns. Mostly I work for free or very cheap since it’s more fun as a hobby, but if you or someone you know lives in central Minnesota and want a decent photographer, I’m your girl!

Here’s a sneak peak of a shoot I did yesterday: