Angela Ostley is a sort-of writer, who pours the contents of her brain out onto paper daily with close to no one ever reading. Poetry is her escape, and who she is at her core. She is a girl; raw, real, and quite literally, an open book.

She has a self-published book on Amazon, but has only sold a dozen or so copies to family members that most likely only felt sorry for her and ordered a copy or 6. Angela is not in it for the fame or recognition: she writes on napkins, receipts, and even her own skin the words as they come to her, to map the world in paragraphs and truly revel in all the wonderful and awful things that happen to her in this life.

As you read her poetry, you are reading her at her most bare.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Angela. Great to hear that you have published your first book. I hope it does well. Lot’s of interesting poems here. Keep up the writing.

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