I am turned

into a creature –


in reverse;

as if seen

for the first time

in some sulfurous


Reality cracks open

about your head

like dragonflies;

and the heat-stunned


at best,

would be lost.


Today is a good day. It’s funny how I measure things now. Time is now ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or the days go by when I blink or they go by so agonizingly slow that it’s as if they will never end. I am bursting with change; how I live my life being the biggest. My aim is to be more ‘here’, or experience life as it comes and not worry about the past or future. It’s easier said than done, but I want to be fully here in the now as much as I can because it will go, faster than I’d like it to.

In other news, I have been published again, my poetry is in the April issue of the 3Elements review, and you can see it on their online PDF for April’s issue.

I am full of conflictions: yet another one being I long to be ‘discovered’ or recognized as a writer, and at the same time I’d like to hide it forever and remain in obscurity, my raw emotions never being bared to the world. It is a liberation, in a way, to share. I am on page 45 of the PDF: Meteor Shower by Angela Ostley. So here, enjoy.



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